Back from social media hiatus

Hello all! After a short hiatus from social media (but not from gamedev!) we’re back! Two simple reasons for our break: We hit a lot of bugs that took a lot of time and frustration to solve, and shifted our attention wholly to those. I personally was on a family vacation in Turkey for 2.5 […]

Perfecting Laning System

So so close to a perfect laning system! In the previous iteration of the laning system, I had eliminated the jittery movement but introduced a “drift” effect – when the player rotates “early” or “late” (aka at the edges of a tile) into two tiles, the collision would anchor the player creating a fast and furious style […]

NEU Annual Games Showcase w/Levine

It was excellent returning to my alma mater to see all the senior capstone games and other projects, not to mention Ken-fucking-Levine speak. Shoutout to all the excellent Northeastern showcase games (which will be available here): Split Circuit (2 awards wow!) – excellent VR 3d-space racer, lot of fun, very challenging, took Best Overall and Best […]

Workin on Tile-based Laning System

Visuals First: GIF of today’s work versus GIF of initial jittery implementation (these also give a sneak peak at our new art direction – still a WIP). Please note: These GIF’s are quite dark as Realtime Global Illumination is disabled for recording; when there are a large amount of Tiles in the camera’s view frustum, we have trouble […]

PEast 2016

Shoutout to all the awesome games I demo’d and people I talked to at PAX East 2016: Desolus – Mark Mayers Mark and I graduated from the same CS program at Northeastern, his game is beyond gorgeous. He was approached by some very important people at some very important companies, super excited for the future of […]

Level Select UI

Implemented an experimental level select UI today: GIFY! The “previous page” animation is a bit jarring right now, gunna play with tuning the alpha way low in the previous page until the rotation animation is completed. We aren’t married to the carousel-esque rotation design, but happy to hear any feedback on it! We’re kickin around a few […]