Improved Containment Field

Results – Before/After

Static Results – Before/Afterseamold

Note: This seam was highly visible from within the Maze during play
Note: Although not eliminated entirely, this seam blends far better and is not visible during play


First, our new fulltime artist created a custom material for the Containment Field. Previously, we had been using a default “Plasma” material that came with some image effect in the Standard Assets.

Next, following some of the advice here, I added equirectangular lookups to our custom ContainmentField shader – luckily nothing significant changed from Unity 4 to 5 so getting this working was a breeze!

Finally, I followed Catlike Coding’s tutorial on octahedral spheres which yields better results compared to the default Unity sphere mesh, and can be more performant on mobile since you can get away with less verts and still get a smooth-looking sphere.

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