Omnidirectional Autorunner Camera System

Today marks a big milestone in Sky Labyrinth’s development: I finally implemented a camera system that truly nails the feeling of an “omni-directional autorunner”.

One of Sky Labyrinth’s core design goals is to bridge genres; to create a hybrid of classic autorunners (like Temple Run, Subway Surfers) and 3D maze-puzzlers (like Portal, Stanley Parable). I think the latest iteration of our camera follow system pushes this hybrid to a new level! It will be out and playable next week for /r/gamedev’s Feedback Friday thread in v0.12b, but for now checkout these before/after GIF’s:

Rotation Mechanic – Before/After

Note the jarring field of view shifts.
Note the smooth over-the-shoulder turn.

WallFlip Mechanic – Before/After

Note the camera’s constant focus on the player.
Note the camera’s constant focus on the center “lane”.

Multi-laneshift – Combined Before/After

Note the camera tethering to the center lane rather than the player.

Landing in Maze – Combined Before/After

Disregard the obvious differences (SlowMo vignette & chromatic aberration effect, giant red Containment Field). Note how, in the new system, the camera would have landed in the left “lane” but auto-corrects its position to the center upon landing.


I hope you found these GIF’s interesting and are excited to try out the new system in v0.12b! Any feedback is always welcome and appreciated! Hit me up in the comments, on Twitter @VarianceCS or here:


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